Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Hula in Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park

When planning your visit to Kilauea volcano, check the calendar at Volcano Art Center and you might be lucky enough to enjoy a performance of Hawai'i's most treasured art form, hula kahiko. Halau hula (schools) from around the islands and the mainland share their sacred connection to hula at the edge of Halema'uma'u crater, the revered resting place of Pele, goddess of fire.

One legend as to the birth of hula tells us Hi’iaka, goddess of the seas, began dancing to entertain and calm her sister Pele.

Centuries ago, written communication did not exist in Hawai'i. Hula kahiko became both language and lineage to the people.  Hawai'ians shared the graceful and mesmerizing combination of hula and chant (mele) as a physical means through which to pass their culture on to the next generation; legends of gods, history of kings, family geneology and their spiritual connection to the land.

This tradition continues today within each halau.  Hula is a philosophy to be shared and the kumu hula is both master and spiritual guide for the dancers. As the late Kumu Aunty Mae Ulalia Loebenstein said, "When you dance there are two of you, your spiritual self and your physical self. The spirit has to dance."  

When you stay at Holualoa Inn and feel inspired to learn more about hulu, or would even like to take a lesson, check the schedule at Nawaiiwiola , located just down the road from us in Keahou.


Thursday, March 13, 2014

Fishing Hawaiian Style

So you want to fish in Hawaii? Kona offers world class sport fishing and there are numerous charter boats to choose from, all operating out of Honokohau harbor.

As you head out to sea, it’s worth recognizing the connection and the traditions locals have with fishing. For Hawaiians, fishing is a spiritual act, and the methods used today are very similar to those used centuries ago.

One important ritual of the catch would include a stop for prayer at offshore fishing Ko’a.  Offerings would be made or left at the rock shrines to both entice fish and appease the gods. Prayers are offered throughout the process of fishing, from carving the hooks and preparing olona lines and also during a "Hukilau". This shore side “fishing party” engages women, children and many members of the community as they gather fish in a large tea leaf net, as a group.

Methods still used today include bamboo pole, hook & line, spears, traps or net throwing! You will often see locals cast their nets with ease as they navigate the rocky shore.

The "Makau" is the traditional fishhook of Hawaii and is a symbol of strength, respect for ancestors and a talisman for summoning the bounty of the sea. These handcrafted fishhooks were once made from shells, whale or human bone and from the teeth of dogs and sharks. Today you will find Makau replica necklaces for sale throughout Hawaii. It is important to note that even in the tourist market, craftsmen today take great effort to use only the traditional carving and knot tying techniques of their ancestors.

Imagine catching this "Ulua" (aka Giant Trevally-Avg 40-60 lbs.) one of the most revered of fish in Hawaii, while standing on a reef or balancing in an outrigger canoe!

When you stay at Holualoa Inn ask our Innkeepers about fishing trips to connect you with the sea and Hawaiian fishing culture.


Friday, February 14, 2014

Love is in the Air at Holualoa Inn - Photo Contest!

Love is all around us this at Holualoa Inn and our guests have been enjoying the following packages pictured below! 

Because love is enjoyed everywhere this month, we thought it would be fun to create a "most romantic" photo contest and to offer the winner a free night at Holualoa Inn, along with the Romance Package!

Flowers on the bed at Holualoa Inn
Romance Package  
Enhance your love affair with petals on the bed, flowers, chilled champagne and chocolates, as you enjoy a soothing soak in the hot tub as the sun sets over the Kona Coast.

Enhanced Package
couples outdoor massage with view of Kona CoastMassages in the privacy of your room or in our outdoor ocean view Hale Luana (left photo) and share the experience of a couples' massage after relaxing in our hot tub.

Love is in the Air Photo Contest
Why not spread the love? Share a favorite photo of your interpretation of romance and the lucky winner will receive a free one (1) night stay on a booking of 2-nights or more. Please email your photo to by February 28, 2014.

We look forward to reviewing the collection of creative romance photos!
Heart Shaped Lace Waffle

Happy Valentine's Day! 

Cassandra & Paul


Friday, January 17, 2014

Whale Watching Season is Here!

Welcome to Hawaii's Big Island and the winter home of the humpback whale. Our frisky friends have arrived after a grueling 3,000 mile journey from their summer homes in the Pacific Northwest, ranging anywhere from California to the Bering Sea. Hawaii, however, is the only state in the US where the humpbacks convene to mate, give birth and rear their young before heading north for the summer season.

To read everything you want to know about the hawaiian humpback, check out the link to NOAA.

While you are here on vacation, a whale viewing is a must! Whether you hit the water or just find a nice beach and have a look, chances are you won't be disappointed. For a unique experience try sailing in true Hawaiian style aboard the double-hulled sailing canoe, the Wa'a Kini Kini. Ask any of us at Holualoa Inn about Eka Canoe Adventures and we are happy to make arrangements for a humpback adventure you will never forget.

Check it out: Whale Encounter off Kona last week...


Monday, December 9, 2013

Waimea Ocean Film Festival

Holidays in Hawaii? Begin 2014 with inspiration on The Big Island during the Waimea Ocean Film Festival. In it's fourth year, the Festival ( January 2-10 ) offers an impressive collection of award winning films from around the globe bringing awareness to worlds' Oceans. A complete list of films will be available 2 weeks prior to the event but here's a teaser; attend a special showing to celebrate 50 years since the first screening of Bruce Brown's classic surf safari, The Endless Summer.

Follow the excitement as films are announced on Facebook and book your stay with  Holualoa Inn!

Innkeeper Holualoa Inn

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Dr. Thomas Jaggar - A Volcanic Hero in Hawaii

Dr. Thomas Jaggar and wife, Isabel Maydwell - 1917
He did not wear a cape and cannot compare with the legendary Pele, but the work of Volcanologist, Thomas Jaggar, lives on in humble heroic fashion at Kilauea. Visitors to Volcano are often unaware that Jaggar was the driving force in establishing the Hawaii Volcano Observatory and one of the key lobbyist for the creation of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. His subterranean studies of volcanic activity have given contemporary scientists a greater understanding of eruptions and the potential to predict their fury, thus saving the lives of countless thousands around the world who reside along the slopes of active volcanoes.

Kilauea Eruption - 1924
Jaggar dedicated his entire life (1871-1953) to Geology and Earth Sciences. While earning a Ph.D. from Harvard and when Chair of MIT's Department of Geology, he spent this first part of his career conducting research primarily in a lab setting. He knew in order to expand his knowledge of the earth’s core field study was imperative.

In 1902, Jaggar was one of the first scientists to arrive and experience the aftermath of a massive eruption in the Caribbean. Mt. Pelee's cataclysmic pyroclastic flows decimated the city of St. Pierre on Martinique and nearly 29,000 residents perished in their wake. Witnessing the extreme loss of life, Jaggar vowed to dedicate his own life to better understand the nature and patterns of active Volcanoes. In doing so, he hoped to one day offer the scientific data to predict eruptions, and potentially save lives.

(L-R) Norton Twigg-Smith, Thomas Jaggar, Lorin Thurston, Joe Monez & Alex Lancaster 

Arriving to lecture in Honolulu in 1909, he soon convinced businessman Lorrin Twigg-Smith that Kilauea on The Big Island was the ideal location to
establish a permanent research observatory, the first of its kind in the United States. In 1912, his dream was realized and a small structure was built along the rim of Kilauea's caldera. This site was to be his laboratory for almost 5 decades, and is still a working field laboratory today. For over 100 years the HVO has attracted volcanologists from all over the world to study two of the world's most active volcanoes, Mauna Loa and Kilauea. On your trip to Kilauea, a visit to the Jaggar Museum is a must. When you are at the Halema’uma’u Crater outlook, salute Dr. Jaggar and the life he gave to advance the study of the fluid earth on which you are standing.

Real time Webcam updates as to the antics of Kilauea...
What's Going on at The Volcano?


Thursday, October 10, 2013

Free Holualoa Village Events - Fall 2013

If you are visiting the Big Island of Hawaii at the end of October or the first week of November, head up to Holualoa Village & Holualoa Inn for 2 signature events.

On October 26, 2013 stop by Malulani Pavilion as Holualoa Inn hosts the 3rd Annual Hawaii Artist Collaboration Auction, the culminating event showcasing works created during this dynamic 4 day art party!  Artists from around the world and around Hawaii share and meld their talents across more than 14 different media to create one of kind pieces. Come see what's generated when they put their heads, hearts and hands together. Check out a magic creation from last year in the form of a Hula Praxinoscope! Join us at Holualoa Inn's Malulani Pavilion starting at 4 pm Saturday, October 26. Admission is free.

The 43rd annual Kona Coffee Cultural Festival runs from Nov 1 through Nov 9, 2013. The Holualoa Village Coffee & Art Stroll is in its 15th year and is the kick off event for a week of festivities around Kona. Visit Holualoa on Nov 2nd and sip the best of Kona Coffee from more than 30 Coffee Farms and see what our local artists have been creating over the past year. As a sponsor of the coffee stroll, will have our Estate grown coffee available to sample at the Inn, so stop by and say Aloha!  

Youtube2012 November 2, 9-3pm Free admission and parking in the town lot