Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Explore Big Island Hawaii Beaches from Holualoa Inn

The Big Island of Hawaii  boasts 266 miles of shoreline and over 80 beaches, including some of the most picturesque and varied of all the Hawaiian Islands.

Take your pick from white, black or green sand beaches, and a range in experience from remote and off-the-beaten track, to centrally located and chock full of activities.

Begin your day at Holualoa Inn with a farm fresh, healthy breakfast and our award winning Kona coffee, then, you're off to enjoy "a day in the sun"! Pack up for a hike and an adventure or simply bring along a book, hat and one of our beach chairs to kick back in. Here is a small beach sampling ranging in location from less than 5 miles to 60 miles from the Inn. Let our Innkeepers map your route and share pointers for a seamless adventure.

From Kona South
  • White Sands Beach Park - 4.5 miles and 15 min. Just south of Kona. Swimming, surfing, volleyball and boogie boarding. Popular beach for snorkeling and scuba diving due to easy ocean access and underwater caves. One of the few beaches in this area with a lifeguard and picnic facilities.
  • Kahaluu Beach Park - 7 miles and 18 min. A tiny sheltered cove with great snorkeling and is easily accessible. Salt and Pepper sand.
  • Kealakekua Bay at Captain Cook Monument - 14 miles and 30 min. South: Underwater sanctuary with dolphins and sea turtles. Some of the best snorkeling on the island. Take a kayaking tour and paddle across the bay or take a speedy Zodiac raft and explore the sea caves.
  • Honaunau - Place of Refuge (Two-Step) - 20 miles and 36 min south: Easy entry, protected from swells with ample fish and marine life make this a favorite beach for snorkeling and scuba diving.
  • Papakolea - Green Sand Beach 60 miles and 1 hour 45 min south to off-road entrance. For a unique day trip to the southernmost tip of the Island, and the United States, head to Papakolea. Park your car and hike for 2 1/2 hour to Mahana Bay. You can also hitch a ride from a local and make sure to have some tip money with you!

Swim in the ancient volcano's cinder cone that erupted about 50,000 years ago leaving the beaches with green sand.The green sand on this beach is called olivine, a common silicate deposit of lava. This unusual and verdant green sand stays on this beach due to the weight of the lava component.  
  • Punaluu - Black Sand Beach -  
    66 miles and 1 hour 45 min. If you are headed to Volcanoes National Park via Kau on the south side of the Island, stop at one of Hawaii's most famous beaches. Although not ideal for swimming, you will enjoy the feel of the onyx black sand between your toes! Careful not to step on the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles asleep in the warmth of the sand. The migrating turtles are protected, so please do not approach them
From Kona North
  • Manini'owali Beach (Kua Bay)- 19 miles and 30 minutes. Head north on HWY 19. This is our favorite white sand beach with easy access, shaded picnic tables, outdoor showers and bathroom facilities. There is a fabulous view of the open ocean and a great place to spot whales and dolphins.
  • Anaehoomalu Bay - 30 miles and approximately 45 minutes north: The only spot on the island where you can learn to wind surf! Very popular,  beach, adjacent to Waikoloa Resort
  • Hapuna Beach State Park - 36 miles and approximately 50 min. North: Beautiful white sand beach, mild surf for boogie boarding. A coral reef on each lends itself to great snorkeling. Long and wide beach, great for walking or jogging. 
Holualoa Inn offers complementary snorkeling & beach equipment and you can order a lunch to go any time you want to take a day trip. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Darrell M. Hill Cottage Dedication at Holualoa Inn

It is with great pride that Holualoa Inn dedicates The Darrell M. Hill cottage to the memory of one of our community’s most admired artists. This small cottage was once his home, gallery, studio and classroom for a myriad of painters and friends who shared inspiration within the thriving artists’ community of Holualoa. 

Darrell M. Hill is considered to be "one of the finest bold impressionists” of the 20th century. Although his paintings were diverse in theme, Hawaii offered him endless inspiration: exotic flora, rugged landscapes, surf scenes and, of course, the people of Hawaii.  

Darrell Hill’s work has been described this way:

“Darrell Hill painted with passion. As I knew him, he would rather paint than talk, even while giving a class. And that was fine because just watching him paint on site; you could feel the zone he was in. No words required. Darrell had a small gallery in Holualoa when I met him.

He lived in a small cottage below the gallery, filled with canvases. There were so many paintings, that they were stored under beds and hung on all the walls. A well-established gallery rep wandered into his little gallery one day, and eventually Lahaina Galleries represented Darrell. The success allowed Darrell to build a studio in Waimea and his classes were always full.

To watch an artist like Darrell make it from being a small gallery owner and then rising to one of the top plein air artists in the nation was phenomenal.

As an artist, I have always admired his art and love the quick, confident brush strokes that I will always recognize as a Darrell Hill trademark.”

Sunny Pauole

“Strong contrast, bold use of color" read more

Follow your inner artist and fill your palette with the luminescent light and hue, which drew Darrell, and so many other artists, to Hawaii.  Darrell’s dedication to his work is representative of all the artists of Holualoa Village. 

Enjoy privacy, charm and seclusion in the newly renovated Hawaiian plantation cottage, nestled on 30-acre Kona Coffee Estate. Share the history and experience the land that once inspired a great artist.  

The Darrell Hill Cottage is currently being remodeled and will open before the end of the year. We will keep you posted. Once it is in operation, you will want to come and share the magic at The Darrell M. Hill Cottage at Holualoa Inn. 

Cassandra Hazen, Owner
Holualoa Inn

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Ceramic Sculptor Ken Matsuzaki: Expressions of the Heart

Join us at at Holualoa Inn as we welcome Ken Matsuzaki, world renowned Japanese ceramic sculptor. 
Date: Thursday, June 20, 2013

Time: 7:00-9:00pm

Admission: Complimentary Presentation, Film & Short Reception

Holualoa Inn is hosting Ken Matsuzaki of Mashiko, Japan. Ken Matsuzaki will share a film about the process of his work and answer questions about his extraordinary ceramic art and followed with a short reception of coffee, tea and sweets.
About the Artist - Ken Matsuzki
Born in Tokyo in 1950, Ken Matsuzki was influenced by his father’s art collection and became passionate about ceramics at an early age. Ken started throwing on a wheel in his high school art class. As a senior in high school, he had the opportunity to switch his science classes to art and then able to spend all day in the art room working with charcoal or pencil drawing and drafting. 
He entered the Fine Arts Ceramic Department at Tamagawa University in 1972 and decided to make a living with his hands. He would complete his assignments quickly so he could head to the wheel to see how many yunomi tea cups he could throw in an hour, normally about twenty.
Midway through college, Ken Matuzuki took control of his future and arranged to study under Master potter Tatsuzo Shimaoka. He was known as "magician of table wares", famous for his food ceramics. Matsuzuki became his assistant in 1972 and began an extensive apprenticeship. From Shimaoka-sensei, Matuzaki learned philosophy, the necessary mental attitude when making art and how to think about ceramics. 
After 15 years as an independent artist, Matsuzki decided to shift his way in creating ceramics. His inspiration was the Oribe wares of Japan’s Momoyma period (1568-1615) and he incorporated the approach and style of the warrior Furuta Oribe (1545–1615) into his ceramics. He built an anagama (wood-firing kiln) with two firing mouths. While exploring natural raw clays with strong fire-resistance and great personality, he kneaded his own personality into the clay as well. The quality of his pieces depends 60% on the choice of clay, the other 40% determined by the firing and the form.
To be a Japanese potter, one generally spends three years kneading clay and ten years training on the wheel; great emphasis is placed upon technique. Ken Matsuzaki spent twenty years throwing on the wheel, but left it to hand-build, one-by-one, the forms he had in his heart. Thirty years after becoming a professional, Ken Matuzuki has built a new type of anagama, one enabling him to express a unique form of beauty in his materials through use of flame.
As Ken Matsuzaki writes: "Even though at this point in history, science has made it possible to fire anything, science alone does not enable us to express the beauty of the natural materials. Without the reflection of the maker's heart, a work will be unable to move anyone. I believe that to make things is to express the heart."
Ken Matsuzaki Video -
Afterwards, Ken Matsuzaki will hold an Intermediate - Advanced level three-day workshop at Donkey Mill Art Center in the Holualoa Village.
Date: June 21 - June 23, 2013

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Elopements on the Big Island of Hawaii – A New Trend

Mahukae male … Elope Hawaiian Style

Elope now, have the party later! Escape to Hawaii with your fiancĂ©, enjoy your wedding in paradise and let the honeymoon begin. 

Package your elopement along with your honeymoon and eliminate the process of sifting though endless wedding details and instead, trim your budget! There are many unique sites on the Big Island of Hawaii for just the two of you to say your vows: on the white sand beaches or black lava coves of Kikaua Point, Kukio or Puako, aboard a small yacht or outrigger canoe launching at sunset out of Keahou Bay, at a quaint island-style Chapel, or nestled in the cloud forest of coffee country as an escape to the quaint village of Holualoa, just 20 minutes by car from the Kona Airport.  

A quintessential Hawaiian setting and romantic escape, Holualoa Inn has become a popular destination for elopements on The Big Island. Even when you elope, you still need a little help with the details and our team quietly goes about that task.  The details for your wedding day are created “in house” so you are able to enjoy every moment of your vacation without the need for negotiations with caterers and vendors.

Imagine … there is no pressure to select your wedding site, no waitlist for a venue. Arrive on the island, take a short drive to Holualoa Inn, walk the vast estate and choose your favorite location for the sharing of your vows. Go barefoot on the Great Lawn with sweeping views of the Kona Coast or nestle in at the Blue Jade Garden. You can say, “I do” from our Rooftop Gazebo or on the Lanai of our Zen Buddha Garden. If you dreamed of a rustic setting, meander up to The Red Barn or down to the pink plumeria-lined pasture.

Elopement options may be simple or extensive and Holualoa Inn’s innkeepers are experienced in customizing events, using our resources and local partners off property.

End your special day at Holualoa Inn as the sun sets majestically, offering rainbow vistas of the Kona Coast.

Innkeeper Holualoa Inn